Peruvian Chocolate tempts tasters in Lisbon

Peruvian Chocolate tempts tasters in Lisbon
Tuesday February 09, 2016
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Every year the ´Chocolate em Lisboa´ festival occurs at the beginning of February in Lisbon, Portugal. Peru´s Foreign Affairs Ministry asserted that Peru´s chocolate stands out among other foreign chocolates.

The festival allows participants to enjoy various cacao from all across the world. In addition to Peru, other countries that contribute cacao include Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, England, and Portugal.

Peru boasts a cacao produced during both the Inca and pre-Inca times. Peru plans to sculpt a chocolate Inca that is 1.7 meters tall and also make a chocolate replica of Machu Picchu. Peru will also host a competition for chocolate makers to compete using Peruvian cacao for the best chocolate creation.

Peru is participating in this years´ event as a special guest of Cacau Clube de Portugal President Odete Estevo. Peru´s chocolate wows festival participants with its rich history and taste!

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