Peruvian Chocolate Sales Flourish in France

Peruvian Chocolate Sales Flourish in France
Tuesday November 08, 2016
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An international chocolate event was recently held in Paris, France, where Peruvian chocolate sales flourished.

This event, called Salon du Chocolat, was held in Paris from October 28th to November 1st. Chocolate producers and consumers from all over the world gathered at the 22nd annual Salon du Chocolat.

The Minister of Peru´s Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, asserted the importance of this event for promoting Peruvian chocolate in Europe. He said, ´´Salon du Chocolat is an important platform for our entrepreneurs and farmers to interact with distributors, importers and chocolatiers from the European market.´´

The organizations of Chapon, Bonnat and Koyama were among those interested in Peruvian chocolate. They are thinking about scheduling a visit to see Peru´s cocoa fields and meet Peruvian farmers.

Peruvian producers were able to show off the rich quality of Peruvian chocolate and promote the unique flavors of the chocolate, such as maca, quinoa, aguaymanto and Maras salt.

The large success of Peruvian chocolate at Salon de Chocolat can be seen in the $1.5 million worth of chocolate deals made between various European chocolatiers and Peruvian producers.

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