Peruvian Chocolate Brand wins International and National Awards

Peruvian Chocolate Brand wins International and National Awards
Tuesday August 09, 2016
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The 2016 National Chocolate Awards took place at the beginning of July in Lima, Peru. Here, the chocolate brand ´´Maraná´´ stole the show.

The competition saw many brands compete in many different categories, from flavoured to truffles to caramels to drinks.

The brand Maraná was honored in three categories with a silver medal and two bronze medals, all in the Plain/origin dark chocolate bar category. The specific products that were awarded medals were their Cusco 70%, Piura 70%, and San Martin 80% bars.

Furthermore, Maraná was also awarded bronze medals when it competed against producers from the Americas and Asia in the International Chocolate Awards.

This growing brand was created by Zulema Leon and Giuseppe Cassinelli in March of 2015. Though fairly new to the chocolate industry, its use of 100% organic national cacao has made it an attractive brand on both a national and international level.

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