Peruvian Alpaca Products Launched in US Winter Collection

Peruvian Alpaca Products Launched in US Winter Collection
Tuesday September 27, 2016
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It was recently announced that Peruvian Alpaca products are going to be launched as part of the winter collection in one of the United States´ famous brands.

This brand, John Varvatos, targets males of the upper class with its various clothing and accessories. Furthermore, it has stores all around the world, in the major cities of the United States and in Europe.

For this years´ winter collection, John Varvatos plans to use Peruvian alpaca wool for several of its clothing products. This marks the first time that John Varvatos will use Peruvian alpaca wool.

While President Kuczynski visited New York to meet with various officials, Peru´s Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Eduardo Ferreyros, met with leaders of the John Varvatos company.

He discussed the future use of ´´Peru´s Alpaca´´ and ´´Peru Textiles´´ brands. In addition, he asserted the importance of quality products and premium service.

This is an exciting step for Peruvian alpaca wool, as it will get extensive promotion around the world.

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