Peru’s Rural Destinations for One-Day Trips

Peru’s Rural Destinations for One-Day Trips
Wednesday May 09, 2018
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Peru’s Rural Destinations for One-Day Trips

Holidays like the 1st of May or other national festivities, are a good possibility to do a one-day trip to a rural destination in Peru. In the following, this article will present the 5 destinations that were named by the Mincetur, Peru’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry.

Humacchuco, in the Ancash region, is situated in the Huascaran National Park. Tourists visiting this destination are able to see traditional dances and learn about agricultural activities in the region. They can also try the Pachamanca, a traditional dish from that region.

The Pomac Forest in Lambayeque provides a beautiful forest, but also pyramids that were left behind by the Sican culture. Furthermore, the Pomac forest is a nice place for horseback riding.

The third rural destination mentioned by Mincetur is the Porcon Farm in Cajamarca. Here tourists have a guided tour through the zoo. The lunch includes local products. Afterwards, one can visit the cowsheds.

Lucumo Hills in the Lima region is a place for adventure sports like rappel which can be booked for groups with a minimum of 10 people. Apart from that, tourists can also see the areas that are used for cattle-breeding.

The Palestina Caves are located near the city of Rioja in the San Martin region. Here tourists can find the Morfo Azul Butterfly House comprising in total seven species of Lepidoptera. Women of the community show tourist round.

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