Peru´s New President to Improve Water and Sanitation

Peru´s New President to Improve Water and Sanitation
Monday August 08, 2016
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President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was recently sworn-in as the President of Peru at the end of July. Peru awaits eagerly to see what his administration will put as priority.

One of the themes that PPK and his fellow governmental leaders have deemed as important is the water situation in Peru. PPK plans to create a national program to provide access to clean water and other sanitation services to thousands of Peruvians.

PPK asserts that this program will not only improve water and sanitation, but it will create half a million jobs in the next few years.

The new president has noted the lack of attention to this problem in Peru from the previous governmental administrations, an issue that affects over 7 million people.

PPK is hoping to win the support of many, including his opposition, to tackle this water and sanitation problem facing Peru.

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