Peru´s New President: Children are the nation´s future

Peru´s New President: Children are the nation´s future
Tuesday August 23, 2016
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Last Sunday, August 21st, Peru celebrated Children´s Day. Across the country, various activities took place to honor children and promote their wellbeing.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, the recently sworn-in president of Peru, sent a special message on his Facebook account.

He stated, ´´We must take care of our children. Children are the nation´s future. Let´s take care of our children with all our hearts. That´s my wish. Happy Children´s Day.´´

PPK acknowledged the fact that Peru´s children are the victims of abandonment, anemia, and many other things. He asserts that there exists a great need to protect the children of Peru, as they are the country´s future.

Happy Children´s Day!

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