Peru´s Grape Producers Introduce New Varieties

Peru´s Grape Producers Introduce New Varieties
Tuesday July 18, 2017
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Peru´s grape producers have now introduced new varieties of grapes to the country´s production, as a response to the non-traditional grapes now preferred by the international market.

Currently, these new grapes now make up around 6.9 percent of Peru´s total grape production.

Of these new grape varieties, there are five types that are currently dominating the market, making up 85 percent of the production of the new varieties. The most popular of these grapes is called Sweet Celebration, followed by Arra 15, Timpson, Magenta, and Sweet Jubilee.

However, an older grape variety called Red Globes is still the top grape produced in Peru, as it still makes up around 55 percent of total exports, though many producers are trying to change this.

Peru´s biggest competition in South American grape production is Chile. As of right now, only 5.9 percent of Chile´s total production contains the new varieties.

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