Peru´s economic growth surprises analysts

Peru´s economic growth surprises analysts
Tuesday February 16, 2016
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Peru´s economic growth is clearly improving, as seen by the statistics in 2015.

Not only are do the facts support this, but Pulso Peru survey reported that Peruvians themselves are more likely to hope for a better economic situation.

The National Institute of Statistics and Information reported a growth of 6.39% in December of 2015, and finished the year with an average growth of 3.26%. This exceeded economists´ expectations. Analysts only expected a growth of 5.4% in December, but were pleasantly surprised with a growth that was 1% higher than their prediction.

Economists explained this surprising increase by the mining and hydrocarbons industry, which saw an amazing growth of 22.36%. The manufacturing industry showed the second highest growth of last year, and may also have contributed to Peru´s overall economic growth.

This high percentage of growth in December of 2015 is the 77th consecutive month of positive growth for Peru. This statistic, along with an ever-increasing positive attitude among Peruvian people, shows that Peru´s economy is on its way to a better future.

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