Peru´s Desert Paradise Huacachina Listed as Popular Destination

Peru´s Desert Paradise Huacachina Listed as Popular Destination
Wednesday September 06, 2017
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Huacachina, the uniquely wonderful oasis village in southern Peru, has been featured in a recent publication by The Telegraph listing 21 of the most dramatic villages around the world.

“Known among tourists as a sandboarding destination, this oasis is worth a visit for its location alone, hidden amid golden dunes in the desert outside Ica,” reads the caption in The Telegraph.

Besides Huacachina, the photo gallery includes other 20 impressive villages around the world.

In the publication, Huacachina is described as being almost entirely a resort town featuring a number of hotel swimming pools that can be seen from the top of the sand dunes.

“Tearing up and down sand dunes in a buggy is also another popular tourist pastime,” writes the author.

Extreme sports are the popular activities in the place. Most visitors to Huacachina come for the sandboarding, a sport where riders are strapped to a board, much like snowboarding, and ride down the sand dunes as they traverse their way to the oasis.

Most riders take the cautious route and wear a helmet for their protection, although more experienced and daring riders may shun a helmet, and sometimes even bindings.
The famed oasis of Huacachina, just 3 kilometers away from the city of Ica, offers a strangely beautiful desert setting to perfect for buggy rides and sandboarding.

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