Peru´s coffee exports are thriving this year

Peru´s coffee exports are thriving this year
Tuesday September 27, 2016
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According to Peru´s National Coffee Board, Peru´s coffee exports have increased by 38% this year, thus proving that coffee exports are thriving.

The President of Peru´s National Coffee Board, Tomas Cordova, announced that the period between January and August of this year saw coffee exports total $323 million.

Cordova comments on the fact that coffee exports totaled 2,250,000 quintals. He says, ´´If the weather and pests do not cause major problems, and taking into account the current flowering of coffee trees, we might exceed 6,500,000 quintals in 2017.´´

Most of Peru´s coffee growers are farmers that live in the outskirts of the cities of Peru, where they often live in severe poverty. Nevertheless, Peru´s coffee exports depend on these humble workers and their farming practices.

The majority of Peru´s coffee is exported to Germany, the US, and Belgium. Peru is also working to encourage an increased consumption of Peruvian coffee in Peru itself.

Furthermore, Peru will be hosting Expo Café Peru 2016 to promote its popular product on a domestic level from October 21st to 23rd.

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