Peru´s bodybuilders wow at South American competition

Peru´s bodybuilders wow at South American competition
Tuesday September 20, 2016
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The Peruvian bodybuilding team recently competed at a competition in Cuenca. It marked the 42nd South American Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships.

In fact, the Peruvian team made an impressive display of fitness as they won four gold medals, along with six silver medals and four bronze medals.

As a team, Peru placed eighth in the tournament with a total of 226 points. First place went to Venezuela with a total of 590 points.

The athletes who won gold medals were Jean Carlos Alfaro Zapata, Lucas Tomas Cilich Koc Lem, Vania Fernanda Orihuela Sandoval, and Eduardo Marin Jaramillo Rivas.

Their events were the Men´s Senior, Master Men´s bodybuilding, Junior Women´s bikini-fitness, and Men´s Physique Senior, respectively.

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