Peru´s Blueberries Blossom on a Global Scale

Peru´s Blueberries Blossom on a Global Scale
Tuesday November 15, 2016
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As Peru´s gastronomy continues to draw more attention across the world, it´s blueberries are also blossoming on a global scale.

Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board has declared that both blueberries and grains from the Andes are growing rapidly in demand in APEC countries.

The Exports Director of Peru´s Exports and Tourism Promotion Board, Luis Torres, asserted the increasingly popularity of Peruvian blueberries: ´´Blueberries are the next star of Peru´s exportable supply. Only in China, we have a growth potential worth US $400 million.´´

Both blueberries and grains, such as maca, quinoa, and kiwicha, are very popular in Asian markets. Peru plans to increase trade with China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, in addition to the United States, Canada and a few other countries in Latin America.

Torres insists on the importance of building these relationships across the world. Peru´s many popular products, such as grapes, mangoes, grains and other produce, has propelled it to blossom on a global scale.

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