Peru´s agricultural exports expand

Peru´s agricultural exports expand
Tuesday June 14, 2016
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Peru´s agricultural exports totaled $1.492 billion in the first four months of this year. This shows a 4% increase from 2015.

Increased exports were in the following items: non-roasted coffee, avocados, cranberries, ethyl alcohol, carmine cochineal, and various fresh fruits. A total of 93% of Peru´s exports were these non-traditional items between the months of January and April of 2016.

The main increase in Peru´s agricultural exports was due to the expansion of its non-roasted coffee. Both the volume and value of Peru´s coffee has increased substantially.

The imports for this same period, January to April of 2016, totaled $1.283 billion. This provided for a surplus of $209 million, which allowed for a dramatic increase of 152% from the previous year´s period.

These exports reached a total of 129 different countries, the main one being the United States. Other countries that enjoy Peru´s exports include the Netherlands, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, England, China, and Germany.

With a greater access to international markets, agricultural exports will continue to increase and Peru will continue to be one of the world´s top food suppliers.

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