Peru’s 3rd biggest Sector Regarding Income Is the Tourism Industry

Peru's 3rd biggest Sector Regarding Income Is the Tourism Industry
Friday December 14, 2018
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Peru’s 3rd biggest Sector Regarding Income Is the Tourism Industry

The ever-growing tourism industry in Peru has secured a good position. Not only is it one of the biggest sectors when it comes to both direct and indirect employment, but it is also of high importance when it comes to revenue. This has been announced by the president of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) Yolanda Torriani.

The sector, with 1.3 million workers, is good to employ nearly 8% of all of the Economically Active Population (EAP). In other words, for every twelve working people, there is roughly one working in the tourism sector. Also, the tourist industry generated nearly 4.600 billion US Dollars in revenue in 2017.

Torriani states that these two facts indicate that the tourism industry in the 3rd biggest regarding the generation of wealth. Also, tourism is good for the majority of the exports of service from the country.

Rapid increase

These statistics do not come out of the blue. Over the past few years, tourism in Peru had already seen a rapid increase. Over the past years, the international tourism has grown with nearly 7.5% a year and domestic tourism has increased with around 4.2% a year.

These numbers keep being crooked up, as Peru is in line to welcome nearly 4.5 million foreign tourists this year, which is a whopping 8% more than the old Inca country received in 2017.

Within this framework, CLL’s Tourism Guild President Gabriela Fiorini pointed out Latin American countries have a great potential for tourism growth since many cities are hosting globally-recognized tourist attractions.

The increase in tourists is mainly due to the high density of tourism attractions, not only in Peru but in all of South America. In Lima, for example, tourists can find the Magic Water Circuit in Reserve Park. This park alone has received a whopping 8 million visitors this year.

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