Peru wins ISA Surfing Championships

Peru wins ISA Surfing Championships
Tuesday August 16, 2016
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Although the world´s eye is on the Olympics in Rio, another exciting sporting event took place in Costa Rica last weekend: the ISA Surfing Championships.

Peru´s national surfing team participated in this event, and they ended up taking first place in the championship! The players that contributed to this win were Alonso Correa, Joaquin del Castillo, Lucca Mesinas, Miguel Tudela, Anali Gomez, and Melanie Giunta.

Lucca Messina displayed an impressive performance in the male open, allowing Peru to dominate France and Costa Rica in the final scores. The finals score showed Peru in first place with 3,188 points, Portugal in second place with 2,924 points, the United States in third place with 2,860 points, France in fourth place with 2,848 points, Costa Rica in fifth place with 2,785 points, and Argentina in sixth place with 2,725 points.

This win marks Peru´s third world title in the last few years. Peru has previously won competitions in 2010 and 2014, and this past tournament adds another victory to the books.

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