Peru Wins ¨Best Destination in the Americas¨

Tuesday May 16, 2017
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Peru won the award ¨Best Destination in the Americas¨ at the 2017 Shanghai World Travel Fair. The Shanghai World Travel Fair is widely recognized as one the most important travel fairs in all of China.

Tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and other business in the tourism sector from over 55 different countries took part in the 2017 Shanghair World Travel Fair.

The selection of the awards was done by the event organizers and was given to Peru, largely for the work the country´s tourism industry is doing to attract more visitors from places like China.

Of the Asian countries, China sends the most tourists to Peru, with only Japan sending more. In fact, Peru´s Minister of External Business and Tourism believes that by the end of this year, 35,000 Chinese tourists will have visited Peru.

This number is only expected to grow more in the coming years, as Peru has waived for the visa requirements for China. In fact, the Minister of External Business and Tourism forsees that in the next two years, about 50,000 tourists a year will come to visit Peru from China.

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