Peru wants action to Fight Climate Change Impact

Peru wants action to Fight Climate Change Impact
Monday October 05, 2015
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In order to mitigate climate changes in Peru, the Peruvian Ministry of Environment has launched a series of programs to flight the lower availability of water in the Peruvian highlands. Minster Gabriel Quijandria told the Andina news agency that he is consdering accessing the UN Green Climate Fund to finance those projects. Quijandria wans to create a project port folio that will allow Peru to become one of the first countries to access the funds of the Green Climate Fund, that relies on global capital. More than 100 countries are able to access those funds but it has to be supported to an acccredited institution. In Peru, the only accredited institution is the National Fund for Protected Areas. As there is a limit of financing, Quijandria suggest the intervention of another fund such as the World Bank or others.

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