Peru once again unites with the International Coffee Organization

Peru once again unites with the International Coffee Organization
Tuesday March 15, 2016
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All worry can now be put to rest…Peru has officially returned to the International Coffee Organization!

The International Coffee Organization unites exporting and importing countries in overcoming the challenges of coffee sector. 95% of countries who produce coffee and 83% of consuming nations are members of this organization.

The International Coffee Organization recently held is 116th meeting in Ethiopia. It was here that Peruvian Ambassador´s Claudio de la Puente reconfirmed Peru´s participation in the organization.

Claudio de la Puente asserts that this decision coincides with Peru´s coffee development in the past years. Peru is currently ranked as the 10th largest coffee producer and the 9th largest coffee exporter.

Seeing as the coca leaf is illegal in other countries, Peru has turned to coffee as an export. More production of coffee will allow for farmers to participate in a legal system that will help Peru´s economy to grow.

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