Peru and the UK unite for science

Peru and the UK unite for science
Tuesday March 22, 2016
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Starting in July of last year and running to the end of this month, a program was initiated to create and develop science and technology. The session that was held last week in Lima was part of the Science and Innovation Program and was administrated by the UK Embassy, the British Council, and Peru´s Concytec.

With a fund of $600,000, researchers will develop projects that improve the welfare of both Peru and the UK.

Last Wednesday, March 16th, many leaders of both Peru and the United Kingdom were present at a meeting that discussed ties between the two countries.

More than 70 people attended the event. There was talk of the promotion and innovation of both science and technology as both of these countries continue in their partnership.

The President of Concytec (The National Council of Science, Technology, and Innovation), Gisella Orjeda, asserted Peru´s desire to keep innovating and transforming in the science and technology industry. All participants are excited for this cross-border partnership in this industry.

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