Peru: Tourism Vision Towards 2035

Peru: Tourism Vision Towards 2035
Tuesday February 27, 2018
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Peru: Tourism Vision Towards 2035

According to the president of Peru’s National Tourism Chamber, Fredy Gamarra, tourist numbers will increase from four million tourists per year to eleven million by 2035. The new airport in Chinchero (Cusco), whose construction probably will be completed until 2035, should contribute to this.

Thanks to this airport tourists will be able to travel directly to the southern parts of the country without flying to Lima first. Peru is mainly visited by backpackers that come from countries all over the world. This year, the Dakar Rally and the visit of Pope Francis have led to increased tourist numbers. Also, the upcoming Summit of the Americas will also attract many tourists in April.

On the XIV National Tourism Congress “Tourism Vision Towards 2035” that will take place today, participants will talk about Peru’s vision of tourism.

The discussion will be divided into three parts: workshops, presentations and a virtual part consisting of a document that is used to receive contributions and comments. Participants will talk about Peru as a tourist destiny, enterprises, human capital, connectivity, sustainable development, innovation, promotion, and commercialization.

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