Peru still main producer of Quinoa

peru still main producer of quinoa
Thursday June 06, 2019
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According to the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vásquez, Peru is worldwide the main exporter of quinoa, and it will always be. Peru has yearly shipments exceeding 52 000 tons of Quinoa in total.

Peru now runs a big campaign to promote the export of Andean foods, such as kiwicha, maca and quinoa, all known as ‘superfoods’. Vásques explains that quinoa is the main actor in the campaign. Quinoa is extremely resilient to environmental stresses and highly nutritious.

The Minister adds that the Peruvian authorities are carrying out the State campaign through different channels with the main goal to target new international markets to trade the Andean products, especially quinoa. Furthermore, he pointed out that President Martin Vizcarra’s government is currently working on the international promotion of quinoa and that Peru is taking part in food fairs around the world.

Right now, Peru is exporting the Andean quinoa to 16 countries, among others, to Germany, Spain, the United States, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy and more.

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