Peru: still the biggest potatoe producer of LatinAmerica

Peru: still the biggest potatoe producer of LatinAmerica
Wednesday June 03, 2015
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Peru ’s position as largest producer of Potatoes in Latin America has been consolidated, according to the Director of Propapa-ADERS, Celfia Obregon. With 4,69 millions of tons of tubers produced last year, peru is now in the 14th position world wide thanks to, among others, the rescue of inca traditions combined with a modern vision of agriculture.

On the recently organized Festival of Native Potatoes, 12,000 kg of almost 50 varieties of small producers have been shown.

But there were also tens of thousands of snack units with colored potato pulp, produced by farmers living above 3,500 meters above sea level who have received part of the profits.

Obregon Ramirez expressed satisfaction with the results. One of her goals is to boost national consumption which is now 85 kg per persona.

“The next goal is to increase annual consumption to 90kg per person,” she said. But there are more challenges: more innovations in the sector promise a good future for the development of the agriculture in Peru, especiall thanks to the itrodution of new processed products, such as tne native colored porato snack.

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