Peru Sets Goals For 200 Years Of Independence Celebration

Peru Sets Goals For 200 Years Of Independence Celebration
Thursday November 15, 2018
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Peru Sets Goals For 200 Years Of Independence Celebration

The celebration of 200 years of Peruvian independence is a big opportunity for the ancient Inca country to raise awareness to the countrie’s strong points, but also, to its flaws. Fortunately, Peru has shown itself strong in the past and will definitely show its best side again tackling down the following six problems that are currently present in the country. Peru aims to achieve these goals by the start of 2021, the year the republic exists for 200 years.


One of the main problems in Peru right now is corruption. However, this can be tackled by strengthening the democratic institutions that are present in the country. In addition, there need to be higher anti-corruption punishments. By 2021, the year that the Republic of Peru exists 200 years, these changes should be implemented.


Peru should also perish its natural beauty and the country should acknowledge that action need to be taken in order to protect and develop their environment.

The old Inca country is a key country in fighting climate change due to its large rainforest. This is why sustainability should be taught to everyone at school.

Identity and Diversity

Peru is also known as the Old Inca Country and has a lot of culture. It is essential that this culture will be preserved and that the Peruvians retrieve their heritage.

Equal Opportunities

Currently, there is a big difference in wealth in Peru: there is huge gap between poor and rich people. This gap could be closed by investing in infrastructure and by reforming the social structure. In addition, a campaign against gender violence should be launched.

An Open Society

Furthermore, Peru should break some taboos by creating an open-to-dialogue society. This will strengthen the country and minorities and indigenous people will heavily benefit from this.

Integration and competitiveness

At last, it is essential that the economy of Peru keeps growing in order to fight unemployment and to improve the country’s purchasing power.

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