Peru, second biggest exporter of avocados

Peru, second biggest exporter of avocados
Friday February 20, 2015
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According to the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Peru has grown in 15 years into the second biggest exporter of the delicious green vegetable; the avocado. The biggest exporter of avocados is Mexico. The 3rd biggest is Chile, closely followed by South Africa.

Peru gained in 2014, 308 million USD with the export of 177,800 tons of avocados. It´s a record!
How did Peru achieve this? A good environment is one of the most important things. Chile suffered from a bad climate which had influenced their production of avocados. The news goes that as well Mexico is expecting a decrease of their production, due to the very dry seasons. California is also dealing with drought problems, which forms a problem for the United States. However, the current climate in Peru forms good circumstances for the production.

The region within Peru that has the highest production is called La Libertad. Within 13 years this region has increased the export from 9000 tons to 74,700 tons of avocados. The second biggest export region is Lima with a production of 52,400 tons.

The supply for avocados increases every year and Peru hopes this will continue for the next few years!

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