Peru Readies Women´s Volleyball Team for Rio Olympics

Peru Readies Women´s Volleyball Team for Rio Olympics
Thursday May 12, 2016
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Peru´s National Volleyball Federation has officially announced the players who will represent the Peruvian team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. There are a total of 14 women who were chosen for this special team.

There is an upcoming qualifying tournament in Japan, so the team prepares for this next competition. This tournament is their chance to qualify for the Rio Olympics, so the team realizes the weight of the upcoming games.

Captain Mirtha Uribe asserts that they will play their hardest in order to bring Peru the honor of going to the Olympics. Though it may be challenging, the team is prepared for the task.

The other teams participating in this tournament come from Japan, Kazakhstan, Italy, South Korea, Netherlands, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic. These countries are competing for the three spots available for the 2016 Olympics.

The Peruvian team consists of these players: Captain Mirtha Uribe Soriano, Clarivett Yllescas Abad, Alexandra Machado Chavez, Andrea Urrutia Puente, Angela Leyva Tagle, Coraima Gomez Urrutia, Carla Rueda Cotito, Maguilaura Frias Palomino, Catherine Regalado Cornejo, Hilary Palma Foglia, Miryee Muños Lurita, Shiamara Almeida Chávez, Vanesa Palacios Silva, and Susan Egoavil Ortega.

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