Peru Projected as Quickest Growing Economy South America

Peru Projected as Quickest Growing Economy South America
Wednesday April 26, 2017
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The World Bank projected Peru as the quickest growing economy in South America in a recent study. The study, released on April 18th, predicted that Peru´s GDP will experience a 3.7% growth in the year 2017.

While this number is strong, Peru was originally predicted to a growth of 4.3% and 4.2% over the next two years. However, this number was lowered due to the unexpected floods that recently devastated the country´s northern coast.

Compared to its other South American counterparts, Peru´s economy is still looking strong. Other countries were only registering growth with numbers like 3%, in the case of Argentina and even as low as -3.1%, in the case of Venezuela.

The only other country with a similarly high growth in GDP predicted was Bolivia.

Peru´s economy has been strengthened as a result of its growing popularity as a top tourist destination and its increased international relationships.

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