Peru to plant trees, trees and more trees!

Peru to plant trees, trees and more trees!
Tuesday November 15, 2016
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Plans have been initiated for Peru to plant trees, trees and more trees! The government plans to target the Amazon area, specifically to restore the forest.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said of this plan: ´´We have to bring rain and we need forest to do so. We are going to plant 2 million hectares of trees in the highlands; we are going to restore 2 million hectares of Amazon forest.´´

The President declared this at the opening of the Pachitea Bridge, which links the areas of Puerto Sungaro and Puerto Inca.

The people of this region lack basic resources, such as safe drinking water and working sewage systems. Their mayor, Daisy Heidinger Zevallos, has asserted the urgency of these problems.

The new bridge is the first step in connecting more rural parts of Peru with the major cities, therefore remedying some of these problems of availability of resources.

The President also mentioned the importance of promoting crops in these regions, as well as planting more trees to accommodate for the reality of deforestation.

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