Peru to be number one producer of fine cacao in ten years time

Peru to be number one producer of fine cacao in ten years time
Friday August 29, 2014
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The director of the Cocoa Alliance Peru, José Iturrios estimates that in 10 years time Peru will be producer number one of fine cocoa in the world, replacing Ecuador. "Peru has the great advantage of being a home area of cacao and have the largest biodiversity of cocoa in the world. We want to incorporate this advantage into the business strategy of the country and make Peru a leading producer of fine cocoa”.

Iturrios says that of the 24 regions of the country, 16 of them produce traditional cocoa and the others produce fine cocoa aroma that the market demands. The fine cocoa aroma stands out because of the floral aromas and fruit flavors. Characteristics that differentiate it from traditional cocoa. "Russia, Poland, India and other emerging countries demand fine cocoa," says Iturrios. He also reports that before a ton of cacao was worth $ 2.300. Today that is $ 3.200 and is likely to go up further. The president of the Accocation of Exporters, Gaston Pacheco, praises the quality of Peruvian cacao: “It is extraordinary and we have six of the eight existing cacao genotypes. This will open doors for us to offer unique high quality productions."

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