Peru Nominated for Important Travel Award

Peru Nominated for Important Travel Award
Wednesday May 10, 2017
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Peru has been nominated for an important travel award. More specifically, Peru has actually been nominated for 41 different categories for the 2017 World Travel Awards in South America.

Of these 41 categories in which Peru was nominated, 31 of Peru´s nominations are for specific businesses in the private sector. Namely, businesses that have to do with tourism such as hotels, tour agencies, etc.

The rest of the nominations concern Peru as a destination. For example, Peru has been nominated for awards in the categories of

  • Adventure Destination,
  • Leading Business Travel Destination, and
  • Green Destinations.

Of course, Peru is also up for the top Culinary Destination Award. For the past couple of years, Peru has been the uncontested winner of this category. It´s up to the voters to decide if this year will be any different.

Voting is open until July 19, and the awards will officially be given out September 9 in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

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