Peru Makes it out Fine with Last Night´s Tsunami

No tsunami in Peru
Wednesday April 02, 2014
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All of us here in Cusco, Peru are thankful to be well and fine after last night´s scare. It was a frightening evening for Chile and other coastal parts of surrounding countries as an earthquake of 8.2 magnitude struck the northern part of Chile at 8:46 p.m. So far there have said to be a total of six people who have died in Chile from this tragic event, and it is claimed that all deaths were caused by heart attacks or being crushed by debris. The earthquake was just the start of this terror, as it triggered a tsunami, small landslide, and cut off power in the northern coast of Chile.

Michelle Bachelet, Chile´s president, has declared a state of emergency for the regions affected by the earthquakeand has brought in more troops and police to maintain public order. Bachelet is proud of the initial reaction of the people in these areas and asks them to continue to comply with the orders of the authorities. Chile will be working and taking action to recover from this tragedy.

As for Peru, the tsunami alert for the coastal regions lasted more than 5 hours, lifting the alert at 1 a.m. and suffering no damage. The roads near the coast were closed during this time and many people were evacuated from Arequipa. These precautions were all taken for the safety of the Peruvian people. It has been reported that some buildings were shaken in the southern coastal regions, but there has been no news of damage in Peru.

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