Peru: More than Machu Picchu

Peru: More than Machu Picchu
Friday January 11, 2019
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Peru: More than Machu Picchu

Peru is so much more than Machu Picchu. In this article, you will read about other tourist attractions in Peru that, all together, have been visited by more than 1 million tourists.

When people think about Peru, the first thing they think about is often Machu Picchu. This isn’t without reason: the old Inca citadel is, without a doubt, a wonder of the world and one of the main tourist attractions in Peru. However, there is so much more beauty in Peru than “just” Machu Picchu, and it seems that travellers start to see that as well. To with: the other archaeological attractions in the Cusco region have received over 1.1 million in 2018. This has recently been announced by Cusco’s Integrated Cultural Tourism Services Committee (Cosituc).

Cosituc is the institution that issues the Tourist Ticket of Cusco, the Boleto Turistico. This ticket grants tourists access to archaeological sites and parks in the Cusco region such as Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay in Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Chinchero in the Sacred Valley and Tipon and Piquillacta in the Southern Valley. In addition, buyers can visit various museums in Cusco.

The most popular attraction of the previously-mentioned attraction is by far the ruins of Ollantaytambo. The fortress of Ollantaytambo is the only Peruvian archaeological attraction that receives more visitors is Machu Picchu.

According to Cosituc Chairman Ramiro del Castillo, the current figure is 100% higher than the number of visitors a decade ago.

Ramiro del Castillo states that the introduction of the Boleto Turistico had its desired effect: the previously-mentioned archaeological sites have doubled the amount of visitors over the last ten years!

Another reason for the gradual incline of tourism is the growing worldwide interest in Peru with its stunning nature, intriguing traditions and amazing culture.

Nearly 70% of all sightseers are from foreign countries, mainly the United States, European countries and from other Latin American countries. The other 30% is made up by Peruvian tourists who want to learn more about their own intriguing culture.

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