Peru joins International Social Tourism Organization

Peru joins International Social Tourism Organization
Friday April 01, 2016
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Peru recently received the Joining Certificate from the International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO). Peru is now officially a member of the ISTO and will continue to pursue social tourism development policies.

Peru received the certificate at the First National Forum on Social Tourism in Lima. During this convention there were more than 200 local attendees from public and private sectors, and also foreign speakers participated in the discussion about Social Tourism development.

The Social Tourism concept has been promoted since 2015. This was done by encourage the less fortunate people to take part in the tourist activities like guided tours to the main tourist destinations and historical sites in Peru.

The minister of Tourism is proud that Peru received this certificate. This way Peru is standardizing the service it already provides especially in the case of social tourism and there is the opportunity to help those who have not had the chance to know the Peruvian tourist recourses and to explore the history.

Social tourism will allow the Peruvians to grow, they will get to know their own community, and learn to respect and to love their own heritage. This program is expected to benefit about 8,560 people at regional and local levels this year.

It is the aim of the ISTO to attract different types of organizations; national governments, regional and local authorities, state-owned companies, private companies, associations and social tourism cooperatives whose activities are based on the goals and values of sustainable and social economy.

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