Peru introduces first Electric Bus

Peru introduces first Electric Bus
Tuesday March 13, 2018
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Peru introduces first Electric Bus

Elsa Galarza, Peruvian Minister of the Environment, took part in the presentation of the first electric bus that will be used for public transport in the capital Lima, Peru.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40%, this bus will contribute to the protection of the environment in Peru – and especially in the capital Lima. Furthermore, the bus will make less noise.

Instead of an engine, the bus uses 100% recyclable batteries. In contrast to classic buses, the electric bus also spends less energy per kilometer. According to Galarza, the ministry, the private sector, and entities of the public sector try to enforce more actions to minimize the environmental pollution.

The Multisectoral Working Group for Nationally Determined Contributions determines actions like the introduction of electric buses to reduce pollution in the energy and transport sectors in Peru.

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