Peru Increases Presence at International Craft Trade Fair

Peru Increases Presence at International Craft Trade Fair
Wednesday October 11, 2017
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The Messe Frankfurt in Germany, the largest trade fair in the world, is the most important annual meeting for the more than 50 thousand exhibitors from the craft market from all over the world, including Peru.

20% and 25% of Peru´s total annual exports of crafts, which include fine Ayacucho embroideries, colorful Cusco blankets and Peruvian baby alpaca sweaters, have been generated from trade agreements brought about through the Messe Frankfurt. The main buyers of Peruvian crafts come from New Zealand, England and the United States.

The export of Peruvian crafts has unfortunately fallen in recent years but due to this decline, the number of Peruvian exhibitors at the trade fair will increase next year with 12 Peruvian stands set to offer their products to the world.

“The sector has a lot of potential that has not yet been developed. The goal is to reach 200 million dollars a year in exports,” said one of the organizers regarding Peruvian crafts.
The Frankfurt Messe has also opened a representative office in Peru which will give free training to business men and women from Peru while providing facilities to those exhibitors who travel displaying their crafts.

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