Peru – First South American Country with Law Climate Change

Peru - First South American Country with Law Climate Change
Wednesday April 25, 2018
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Peru – First South American Country with Law Climate Change

On the 17th of April, Peru introduced a Law for Climate Change which was signed by the new Peruvian president Martin Vizcarra who is aware of the negative changes on the planet caused by climate change. Peru is the first South American country with a climate change law.

This new law will help to reduce the number of carbon emissions and to reduce the effects of climate change following the 17 objectives for the sustainable development of the UN. According to Esla Galarza, Peruvian ex-minister of the environment, an environmentally responsible country is also a growing country.

The climate change law had already been created on the 15th of March. Peru’s Ministry has in total 180 days to think about rules and projects that should be realized to achieve the targeted goals. According to the ministry, 67% of the disasters in Peru happen because of environmental problems.

Vizcarra sees the law as a chance for Peru to increase the public spending efficiency. Thanks to the promotion of research people can make more informed decisions regarding investments. It will be possible to create new environmental friendly investment projects that plan the development of Peru. New technologies also are important to bring about environmental changes.

The climate change law will also bring environmental education to schools so that children become aware of the environmental problems. Apart from the education in schools, the law will promote environmental studies and research in Peruvian universities.

According to Congressman Marco Arana, Peru is the third most susceptible country in South America concerning the climate change.

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