Peru has its first cloned animal

Peru has its first cloned animal
Tuesday November 15, 2016
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Peru has officially cloned its first animal! Peruvian researchers Luis Murga Valderrama and Jenin Cortez Polanco achieved this new development.

They used scientist Gabor Vajta´s method, the Hand Cloning method. The scientists completed this amazing feat at the National University Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza.

The cloned cow was born this past July and is named Alma C1. As to be expected, this first animal clone has changed the perspective of many Peruvian scientists and has sparked interest among Peruvian people.

Luis, a veterinarian, and Jenin, a biologist, came together with the intent of cloning an animal, and after receiving adequate funding, they achieved their dream.

The creation of Alma C1 cost a total of $58,000. The funding for this was provided by the university and by private investors interested in the project.

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