Peru establishes new National Park in Amazon

Peru establishes new National Park in Amazon
Monday January 15, 2018
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Peru establishes new National Park in Amazon

Last Thursday, Peru officially announced the establishment of a new National Park in the Amazon. The Yaguas National Park extends 868,927 hectares in the far Northeastern rainforest of Peru.

The protection of the area is considered a great success for the preservation of natural resources, the high biodiversity and the sacred land of the local communities in Yaguas.

For the past decades, the region of Yaguas has been endangered by deforestation, illegal mining and the disappearance of important wildlife crucial to the survival of the local indigenous communities.

Yaguas boasts with extremely high biodiversity. According to studies in 2010 that supported the decision to make Yaguas a National Park, the area is home to two-thirds of sweet fish species in Peru, 3000-3500 species of plants, 110 amphibian species, 100 reptile species, 500 species of birds and 160 species of mammals.

The local communities in Yaguas had been trying to raise awareness for illegal logging and mining processes in the reserve for over 20 years. Finally, with the establishment of the National Park, stricter laws and control of the exploitation in Yaguas are possible.

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