Peru Enforces Punishment on Child Sex Tourism

Peru Enforces Punishment on Child Sex Tourism
Tuesday January 19, 2016
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A new campaign has been launched in Lima with the effort to reduce the sex exploitation in Peru. Starting in Iquitos, the campaign will move from northern Peru to Lima, with a special focus in Miraflores.

Foreigners that come to Peru pay between $50 and $1,000 to have sex with children. Just last December, Joshua Brown of the USA was caught operating a child tourism sex ring. After the operation was shut down, thirty-six victims were rescued, eleven of them being minors.

Telesur has reported that around 10,000 children are victims of sexual exploitation. This atrocity has prompted the Peruvian government to work with an NGO in order to create a campaign that asserts punishment for child sex tourism.

The campaign demonstrates a punishment of 12 years in prison, and those of more severe crimes could receive up to 35 years in prison. The campaign will promote this awareness by posting pictures of men in jail with text that reads, ´´Here, the sexual exploitation of children is punishable.´´

This campaign will facilitate the elimination of sex exploitation and will aid in making Peru a safer place for its children.

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