Peru: Domestic flights to connect Cusco, Trujillo and Iquitos

Peru: Domestic flights to connect Cusco, Trujillo and Iquitos
Tuesday August 15, 2017
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Inter-regional flights connecting Trujillo and Iquitos as well as Cusco are Iquitos are coming soon. The Peruvian Government is currently working with commercial airlines to offer the ability to avoid the need to make connections in the nation’s capital Lima, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros announced on Wednesday.

“The Cusco-Trujillo service is already operating. We are now working on the connection with Iquitos because we want services from northern Peru to Iquitos and from Iquitos to Cusco,” Ferreyros told Andina news agency.

Foreign tourists normally come to Lima for a quick tour of Miraflores and the historic center and maybe a taste of ceviche — and then head to Cusco. However, the government plans to have tourists visit the Amazon areas by creating a “strategic triangle” connecting the north (Trujillo), south (Cusco) and east (Iquitos) so that passengers can travel freely between these places without the need to keep traveling through the busy capital.

“We are working on several ideas to encourage the private sector to cover new routes because as a government we can improve infrastructure, airports, cable cars and highways, but we cannot build hotels nor offer flights” he indicated.

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