Peru Continues to Promote Northern Amazonas

Peru Continues to Promote Northern Amazonas
Tuesday November 27, 2018
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Peru Continues to Promote Northern Amazonas

The Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry of Peru (Mincetur) is planning to promote tourism activity in the Amazon Region in Northern Peru. This has been announced by the Minister of Tourism Liz Chirinos.

The Minister states that she will aid and coordinate the regional- and local governments of the region in order to improve the promotion of the tourist attraction. The northern Amazonas region has a lot to offer, but many things need to be done to create good facilities for tourists. Chirinos urged that the projects should be finished before the Bicentennial of Peru’s independence in 2021.

However, the improvements of the tourism network and facilities in the northern Amazonas region hasn’t just started now. To wit, a cable car system to the Kuelap Fortress has already been built in the year 2017. This caused an increase in tourism arrivals to the old fortress, – which is three times as big as Machu Picchu – with 84%. This means that the archeological site reached the milestone of 100.000 visitors last year.

Due to the cable car system to Kuelap, the total tourism arrivals to the northern Amazonas region has raised nearly 15 percent in the year 2017. It is expected that this growth will carry on to this year. Most travelers that visit the region come from the European countries Germany, France and Spain. However, the United States also has a big share in the tourism arrivals to this jungle-covered area.

The region has not reached it full potential yet, but it has already been included in various lists with hot travel-destinations. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, has included the Kuelap fortress in their Top 10 List of Hot Destinations to Visit in 2018 and The New York Times has ranked the whole region in their “52 Places to Go in 2018” list.

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