Peru Continues Impressive Exportation Pisco Liquor

Peru Continues Impressive Exportation Pisco Liquor
Wednesday November 15, 2017
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Peru Continues Impressive Exportation Pisco Liquor

The “BBC World” highlighted today that Peruvian exports of pisco reached 44 nations in the world and has thus far sold much more than Chile, Peru´s main rival when it comes to sales of the brandy made from fermented grape juice.

He said that in 2016, Peruvian exports of pisco obtained revenues of just over US $8 million, according to figures from the Association of Exporters of Peru. In contrast, Chile sold about US $ 2.9 million in 2016, he noted.

He indicated that Chilean companies had begun to reverse the trend and reduce the gap a little, but the Peruvian advantage steadily remains.

One peculiarity of this commercial rivalry between the two countries can be found when evaluating the major markets of each country. The Chileans, who insist on defending the benefits of their pisco against the Peruvian brands, are, in fact, the biggest clients of the Peruvian product. About 30% of Peruvian pisco exports are sent to Chile each year for consumption.

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