Peru Competes as the World´s Largest Food Supplier

Peru Competes as the World´s Largest Food Supplier
Tuesday June 21, 2016
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Over the past few years, Peru´s national farming sector has grown by 3%. The Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Juan Manuel Benites has declared that this makes Peru one of the leading suppliers of the world´s food.

This puts Peru´s farming industry as the second source for the income of foreign currency. Last year, total agricultural exports totaled $5 billion, and this year the total is expected to increase by $1 billion.

Because of the dramatically increasing trend of agricultural exports, officials expect exports to reach $10 billion before 2021.

Peru is attempting to improve its water supply for agricultural purposes. The gaps in water supply that come from the provision of water for agricultural reasons contribute to the high poverty in Peru. The government is looking to remedy this problem.

As Peru continues to expand its agricultural industry, it takes the floor as one of the world´s major food suppliers.

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