Peru Celebrates National Ceviche Day

Peru Celebrates National Ceviche Day
Thursday June 30, 2016
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On Wednesday June 28th, Peruvians celebrated ceviche day all across Peru. Being the country´s national dish, it is the favorite of many.

The Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Requejo, announced the statistic that over 70% of people that prepare ceviche in Lima make it with bluefish.

The most common blue and white fish caught in Peru are dolphinfish and hake. Most families prepare ceviche with these options because they are available and affordable.

Other fish such as sole, croaker, and grunt fish are also used to make ceviche. However, these fish are not as readily available, and studies show that care needs to be taken to protect these species´ sustainability.

Because of this, a program called Let´s Eat Fish was created to promote seafood recipes. The show recently created a book of recipes called El Pescado Azul that specializes in recipes with bluefish.

The motto of this cookbook, Let´s Save Ceviche by Going Back to its Origin, promotes the use of other fish in ceviche, particularly bluefish, which was the fish originally used in the making of Peru´s famous dish.

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