Peru to build Sustainable Tourism Rainbow Mountain

Peru to build Sustainable Tourism Rainbow Mountain
Thursday June 14, 2018
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Peru to build Sustainable Tourism Rainbow Mountain

Vilcanota Mountain, known as Rainbow Mountain, in Peru, has become one of the most popular attractions in Peru, as you can read in Lonely Planet. The main reason why it is so popular are its stunning colorful layers made out of mineral deposits.

With all its beauty, Rainbow Mountain became an important tourist destination only a couple of years ago. And, unfortunately, the area is not prepared for the amount of visitor it receives, which counts for 1000 per day.

The influx of tourism has been a blessing to many in the surrounding area. The local Pampachiri community charge tourists to enter the site, bringing more hard currency into the area. About 500 jobs have also been created in guiding hikers up and down the mountain.

However, there are environmental concerns that the area isn’t fully prepared for such a surge. The trail that goes up the mountain has already been eroded, and it has become dangerous and slippery. There has even been built a parking lot for vans and buses that go up there. Also, many tourists come unprepared for its altitude of 5200 meters above sea level.

But despite its popularity, the Rainbow Mountain area receives other threats, according to the Lonely Planet, for instance from a Canadian mining ,company. Camino Minerals Corp. has applied for permission to mine in this area, which includes also the mountain. “If granted, this could change the landscape entirely”, warns the Lonely Planet.

It is important that Peru needs to start more responsible tourism in the Rainbow Mountain area.

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