Peru breaks World Record Largest Handmade Cloth

Peru breaks World Record Largest Handmade Cloth
Wednesday November 21, 2018
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Peru breaks World Record Largest Handmade Cloth

Peru has yet another Guinness World Records on its name. To wit, the world’s largest handmade cloth had been made by a collective of 12 Peruvian craftswoman. On the cloth one can find cultural imagery of Cusco and the old Incas. Patrons include the famous serpent, puma and eagle as well as the ancient Inca calendar.

The cloth has been made at the Plaza the Armas of the Pallpata district, located in the Espinar province, south of Cusco.

The fabric is nearly 300 square meters and over 250 kilograms of sheep fiber has been used in order to break the world record. This is bigger than the previous world record, held by a company in Beijing that made a tapestry of 275 square meters. The new world record has been confirmed by the present representative of the Guinness Book of World Records, Natalia Ramirez. The basic requirements to break the world record were met and thus the Peruvian piece of clothe will be included in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

However, the cloth wasn’t made just to break a world record. The initiative came from Gloria Choquepata and she states that the cloth was made to celebrate the fact that the 101 year anniversary of Espinar. Due to the world record, the province has now put itself on the map of Peruvians and foreign travelers from all around the world.

Besides the famous Cusqueñan imagery, there are other symbols on the piece of clothing. For example, the colorful clothes of the old K’ana dancers have their own place on the tapestry, just as the old colonial church and Plaza de Armas of the city of Yauri.

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