Peru: Best Adventure Tourism Destinations

Peru: Best Adventure Tourism Destinations
Wednesday May 09, 2018
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Peru: Best Adventure Tourism Destinations

According to the Global Adventure Tourism report published by GlobalData, Peru is increasingly considered one of the best adventure tourism destinations worldwide.

Many tourists visit the classic surfing destinations in northern Peru, such as Trujillo and Mancora. But apart from surfing, Peru is also a popular destination for road cycling, mountain biking or river rafting, for instance in the Cusco area. There are great opportunities for trekking too, for instance the many Machu Picchu hiking opportunities such as the Inca Trail.

Other adventure destinations are Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the US, Canada, Spain, France, Egypt, China, and India. But the most famous destinations for adventure tourism are Iceland, Turkey, Nepal and Ethiopia.

The majority of tourists doing adventure sports are single men between 32 and 35 years. But only 17% travel alone. 83% of the adventure tourists travel in groups.

Because of technological advances and digital channels, these tourists can get in touch with local agencies and operators from the regions where they want to do adventurous activities. According to an US-American study, 70% of adventure tourists from the US organize their trip on their own. However, they select services supplied by local tour operators, guides and instructors. For them, an authentic and exciting experience is most important.


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