Peru Berry Exports Rise in 2015

Peru Berry Exports Rise in 2015
Tuesday January 19, 2016
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In 2014, Peru exported $30.0 million berries, whereas in 2015, Peru berry exports topped $94.261 million. Similarly, shipments of highland-grown berries reached $1.106 million, a great increase from the $457,000 of the year before. This rise in berry exports was a pleasant surprise to Peruvian farmers.

Especially in the United States, the demand for berries is rapidly rising. Therefore, if exports continue to rise at the current pace, they are predicted to reach $200 million this year. At a price of $9-14 per kilogram, Peru has tapped into a burgeoning industry.

Blueberries, specfically, have been a big part of this berry increase. Starting from almost zero shipments in 2011 and arriving at $94 million in 2015, blueberry exports have seen incredible growth.

This ever-increasing production of berry exports will allow more trade with countries such as the US, Netherlands, the UK, and China.

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