Peru to Begin Large-Scale Solar Energy Project

Peru to Begin Large-Scale Solar Energy Project
Friday August 11, 2017
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Peru is an excellent location for harnessing solar energy, generating as much as much as 2,400 kilowatt hours of expected energy from a kw of panels installed. In fact, Peru generates about as much solar energy as Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, one of the sunniest cities in the world.

The proposed project will be able to produce energy at a staggeringly low cost to buyers, about 4.8 cents per kilowatt hour of solar energy produced. The initiative should help lower prices to incentivize Peruvian citizens to power their homes through renewable energy. As Peru is such a great location for solar energy production, there is a very high likelihood that many future projects will be created, helping the country save money while becoming one of the leaders in solar energy and renewable resource production.

The project has been underway since November of 2016 and is expected to begin delivering power to the country´s citizens upon its completion in 2018. The company that is currently building the solar farm that will harness the energy, Enel Green Power, estimates that the project could provide electricity to over 300,000 homes around Peru.

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