Peru Attractive Destination for Global Investment

Peru Attractive Destination for Global Investment
Tuesday November 07, 2017
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Peru Attractive Destination for Global Investment

During a meeting of the over one million CEOE Group companies in Spain, the vice president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Joaquín Gay de Montellá, encouraged entrepreneurs in his country and in Europe to focus on Peru as a good destination for investment in the Latin American region.

“I recommend the Spanish and European businessmen in general to use the CEOE and I encourage Spanish businessmen, and Catalans in my case, to focus on Peru because it deserves to be in the spotlight,” said Gay de Montella.

He said that Peru is an attractive destination for investments due to its “strategic position in Latin America” and its potential for development based on its young population. Gay de Montella went on to stress Peru´s ability to attract investment in infrastructure and tourism as well as to generate energy from renewable sources such as water.

He also highlighted the macroeconomic “great stability” that it has with growth rates of over 3% in recent years, with the consequent creation of jobs, search for greater infrastructure and digitization of its economy.

“All this together makes Peru a destination for investments of an exceptional nature,” he added.

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